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In addition to writing the report on training as required by the module, I mainly handled two tasks. Using the CETK, which I wrote few months back, I was asked to conduct functionality and unit testing on the firmware code being written. As the current power micro firmware which is in assembly language is non-maintainable, […]

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The agitation of the previous weeks work hadn’t abated at the beginning of the week. As the code maintainer had arrived from the annual leave, I had discussion with him about the code flow and did some final touch ups. An interesting event of the month was the New Year celebrations. It started with conveying […]

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To make me feel content, this four weeks period I had huge amount of coding work, and in comparison to previous months, it was exciting. I began the first week with CETestKit (CETK) module. CETK module is written to automate the tests that can be done programmatically and tedious for manual tests. For example testing […]

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The last four weeks period differed, in many ways, from the previous as week #5 started with the preparation of test plan documents which will be used to carry out engineering tests based on the brainstorming we (Lead engineer, team manager and myself) had last week. By referring to sample test documents I made the […]

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I reported to the training place on 10th of October, as per discussed before with the Engineering Manager – Mr. Ruwan Jayanetti. It is the Global Day of service, the day dedicated by Motorola INC for community services and I joined the team that went to Ratmalana Blind School, and we renovated a hall of […]