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7 years, 9 months ago Posted in: Anecdotes, Blog 10

I started my graduate studies at MIT last September, and I am slowly becoming conversant with numbers. Today, I will tell you three stories (with little satire) on 6.840, C2867 and 754, in the break I got from drinking water from fire hose. They span from art of teaching to art of service to art […]

7 years, 10 months ago Posted in: Blog 14

I have had two almae matres so far;  let’s say the first one brought only a limited amount of change in terms of exposure. The second, University of Moratuwa, had been influencing my choices and deflecting the path I had taken in my life. The first year of my undergraduate life, convinced me to stay […]

8 years ago Posted in: Project 23

It has been quite long since Joomla! 1.6 Alpha came, and there have been a lot of changes made in Joomla! 1.6 since then. Further, it was also decided to adapt the architecture slightly to follow Joomla!. The major changes since beta, excluding bug fixes are Taxonomy TreeMaps are made standalone entities (equal to Trees […]

8 years ago Posted in: Anecdotes, Blog 1

The discussion about money is treated as taboo in many cultures not limited to Asian, and we are quite uncomfortable talking about money, especially when it is related to Health and Education – the professions we treat as holistic. We tend to avoid asking the fee beforehand in either cases, and expect good service at […]

8 years ago Posted in: Guide 1

I was requested to provide a small write up on how a forum (sl2college) helped me in applying for the universities in US. I got to know to sl2college during a session at US Fulbright Commission, Sri Lanka, when it was just a yahoo group and I am great to see that evolved into what we have […]