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It was the first winter for me, yet it did not offer anything but the spectacular display of snowstorms, which had been more of a nuisance. Of course, that was not the only factor that forced me to choose California for winter break instead of spending the holidays at my new home – Cambridge. I […]

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I started my graduate studies at MIT last September, and I am slowly becoming conversant with numbers. Today, I will tell you three stories (with little satire) on 6.840, C2867 and 754, in the break I got from drinking water from fire hose. They span from art of teaching to art of service to art […]

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The discussion about money is treated as taboo in many cultures not limited to Asian, and we are quite uncomfortable talking about money, especially when it is related to Health and Education – the professions we treat as holistic. We tend to avoid asking the fee beforehand in either cases, and expect good service at […]

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Last few days, I was given a strange opportunity to reflect on my life, and look back the things. I was getting angry easily, wanted to detach myself from others, lost the usual satire in speech, and strangely talking, although not pleasantly always, with my parents more. I also felt like doing nothing, enjoyed the […]

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Two days back, I met the guy who mugged me when I was 14 years old  (in 2000). It has been over 7 years; however it left unforgettable psychological effect, although I lost only about 10 rupees to him. I used to be very soft, nerd type and didn’t speak foul language. When I was […]