Starting from my 23rd birthday I decided to maintain a wishlist, the list of items I wouldn’t mind receiving as gifts.

Gadgets (most of them are shared in my public wishlist at Amazon)

  • Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0
  • Macbook pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Tablet PC (Sony VAIO Duo 11)
  • Nikon D800 but I wouldn’t be picky
  • Call of Duty – Black Ops II(PS3)


  • EC2 cloud – AWS / Rackspace
  • Two-way flight ticket from US to
    • Sri Lanka
    • Bahamas
    • Parague


I would love to have the following in my collection when I finally settle

  • Comics
    • Latest hard covers
    • digital versions
  • Fictions
    • All Dan Browns
    • All Jeffry Archers
    • All Sydney Sheldons
    • All Paulo Coelhos
  • Non-fictions
    • All Stephen R Covey’s
    • All Stephen Hawking’s

Currently I am away from home, and therefore no hard copies please, except any of the following (in English)

  • Prince, by Machiavelli (Got an Audiobook)
  • Principia of Mathematica


  • I hope to update the list frequently but obviously time will try the opposite.
  • I usually don’t like GIFT-VOUCHERS / COUPONS as they definitely serve the purpose of the vendors and limit my freedom to choose and bargain hunting.