About Me

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer, doctoral student at MIT from fall 2009, and technology entrepreneur. I am passionate about machine learning, data mining, internet technologies, algorithms, photography, art and creating innovative businesses.

I am a graduate student attached to Data Driven Medicine Group at CSAIL, MIT, and advised by John Guttag. My research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning theory, data mining, applications, algorithms and systems. You can find publications here and code here. I am generally interested in pattern recognition on large unconventional datasets. My current research is in learning connections in financial time series.

I am interested in teaching programming, systems and algorithms. I taught Drupal Development to high school students at  Splash 2009, and to MIT Community at IAP 2010. I was a teaching assistant in Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (6.00) with John Guttag.

I am actively involved in the student activities and leadership at MIT. I am a Co-President of EECS Graduate Student Association, where I had previously served as an orientation chair. I am also the Photographer and Historian at Ashdown, an MIT Graduate Dorm.

I have started Websoic, contributed to Drupal and Joomla, worked for BlackRockVMware INCMotorola INC, Suntel Telecommunications, RAFT INC, etc, and studied at UOM and Royal College. Some of my past projects can be found here (link broken).