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About 4 years ago, I, for some reason, decided that I should streamline my online readings. I figured that the best way to do that by using a , and after few tries, I settled with Reader. I subscribed to the feeds of the likes of Engadget, Gizmodo, etc. My search-filter-read experience had thus become subscribe-skim-read experience. Since then I have been enjoying a smooth online reading experience, aside from occasional needs to rearrange folders (or labels) of the feeds so that I know my priorities.

In last couple of years, Google Buzz, which was part of my social reading experience, came and went, and so was Digg (not technically). Apart from my Google reader subscriptions, where I use star and search to remember and find items, I didn’t have a clear protocol, and it has resulted in scattered bookmarks, and a lot of missed entities.

So I decided to streamline.

I rarely create content: I only share and consume, hence I decided to use the following tools: Google Reader, Twitter, and Delicious. Well there are likes of Pinterest, and Facebook, but they are only for social sharing and consumption.

My protocol will be, hence, as follows:


  1. Twitter (via Google Reader) : Interesting reads from selected few people, whose shares are of high SNR.
  2. : BBC (world), NYTimes (US, Tech, Business), Dailymirror (SL)
  3. Google Reader: Interesting reads, Tech, Twitter to-read list, News (Tamilnet and, and few others I rarely check


  1. Google Reader: Archive + Starred items
  2. Delicious Evernote: All non-temporary bookmarks of sites, tools, and interesting reads


  1. Flickr: (Professional) pictures
  2. Twitter: Tech + Political shares only meant for public (not intended for cataloging), and live micro-blogging from events
  3. Facebook: Shares within friends, status updates, check-ins, and pictures

Social Consumption

  1. Pinterest:
  2. News Republic Flipboard: Happenings

And finally Path as a personal journal.

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