Riverstan, a lovely place
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Riverstan, lovely place – A , that taught me a lot.

About: We went our field trip to Riverstan, one of the hill top of Knuckles, located along the border between Matale district and Kandy district on 7th/8th of April, 2007. Though, only less than 40% of undergrads of our department joined that, it was full of fun and I learned some life enhancing lessons which I’m going to describe only abstractly here.

The travel to Knuckles took around 8 hours from Colombo including the hours we spent for lunch, breakfast and to visit a historically important Buddhist temple. First we went to Matale, then to Rathotta the last town in the road to Knuckles. The road to Knuckles is narrow for heavy vehicles and many suggested not to take the bus we traveled there. However, being an experienced, our driver took the challenge and finally reached the Holiday resort (Sanasuma) we planned to stay. The path from Rathotta, consists of 14 bends (the sharp v type bends with an elevation that could be as high as 30 degrees) up to Riverstan. We stayed at the resort that night, swam in the river and watched World cup cricket match with the help of satellite TV.

It is one of several hill tops in the Knuckles range and nearly 25 kilometers from Rathotta on the way to Methawatha (middle land). A public transport route is there between Rathotta to Methawatha passing through Riverstan and at about half an hour frequency. Once you reach the Riverstan you will be probably treated with people selling hill country fruits and other edible items. Unlike other places, prices were low and they are really poor, so worth trying few especially “wade”.

From there you should take the road (a tar road, however) that is blocked for vehicles. I enjoyed that sort of hiking a lot. Wind was blowing briskly. The cool air saturated with water content gave an awesome feeling. It is like enjoying the rain without getting wet. Once we reached the peak within half an hour, so for fun, we tried a trail (very narrow and sometimes go along with the edge of the hill of width sometimes less than 20centimeteres) to another hill top. At the end we did have a small place to stop, take breathe (mostly you should for two reasons: lower oxygen content, after about half an hour hill climbing) and return.

The place is worth going with a GF or BF or for a family trip.

Typical itenary:Colombo – Matle (Express bus), Matle – Rathotta (CTB bus), Rathotta – Holiday resort (There were three on the way) (CTB bus), stay at resort for the night, take the CTB bus at 8am to Riverstan, stay there till 2 pm, enjoy the lunch, breeze and the scenes. Take a bathe in the river at 3 pm return to Rathotta in a CTB bus at 4 pm

What I learnt: The trip was different from others in several aspects. Very low number of participants and most of them were not my friends i.e. I didn’t have (m) any friends there. At the resort they had only Karem (It is not my favourite game after all).

The resort is an eco-system inn, with full of flower-plants, trees carved with sculptures. I couldn’t single out one interesting part from all other.

We had a lot of fun, playing cards, fighting for ice creams, cool drinks, etc and sharing stories, and making fun out of it. I learned how others think about couples (please note I’m single and not committed at the time of writing) how couples think about each other and how others think about others and how they differ immensely from what I thought about both.

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